Victory HT - Up to 95% Light Transmission. 100% Revolution. With Victory HT riflescopes, Carl Zeiss has taken optical performance to a new level of clarity and Brightness. Through the introduction of SCHOTT HT (High Transmission) lenses the German optics manufacturer has upped the light transmission to an impressive 95%. The HT lenses now provide the brightest images possible, aiding the marksman in those crucial moments when the light begins to fade. The technology doesnt end there with the worlds finest illuminated red dot and an optional ASV Ballistic Turret System employed to give cleaner shots, at fast moving game over any distance. Innovative Optical Concept - Take your hunt deep into the twilight with an innovative light transmission of up to 95%. A unique optical concept: The HT range combines the extremely light - permeable SCHOTT HT lenses, with advanced reticle technology that offers loss - free transmission and fast target acquisition. Enhancing the performance of this leading optical package is the Carl Zeiss T*multi - layer coating, which not only produces the brightest images but the sharpest picture possible. All this means that the VICTORY HT riflescopes set a new standard for all premium rifle optics. LotuTec Coating - A tried and tested coating the LotuTec system ensures clear and visible images even in the rain and snow - the water simply rolls off the tried and tested coating. This innovative protective layer also makes it quick and easy to remove dust and dirt. ASV Ballistic Concept - The next generation of the acclaimed ASV Ballistic system the ASV significantly increases your accuracy bringing longer shots into the range of experienced hunters and allowing greater accuracy for those closer range shots: . With the new ASV simply calculate your distance and adjust the dial for accurate bullet placement out to 600 meters.


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