Swarovski Z6i 2nd Generation 2. 5 - 15x56 P BT "All - in - one - outstanding field of view, high magnification, optic with excellent light - gathering qualities" This rifle scope represents hunting in poor light conditions. The 6x zoom offers an effective range of use from a field of view suitable to 15x magnification which is particularly advantageous for accurate long - range shots. The HD optic and the third turret parallax correction guarantee you a highly accurate image regardless of the distance. The Second Generation - The improved slim design and the advanced functions bring the well established optical superiority of the Z6 rifle scopes to perfection: The newly designed mechanisms on the Ballistic Turret and the Parallax Turret optimise their handling. The SWAROLIGHT technology with automatic on - off function for illuminated reticles increases battery life. Magnification Adjustment Ring - Thanks to the optimised magnification adjustment ring, a more comfortable operation, even with gloves, is possible. Parallax Turret with Lock - Imposition - The parallax may affect the impact point particularly in the case of high - magnification rifle scopes, which are frequently used for long - range shooting. For this reason, the high - magnification models are fitted with a lateral parallax turret. This ensures a parallax - free image even at longer distances. The parallax turret can be operated quickly even in the firing position. Using the lock - in position at the 100m (109yds) mark, the parallax turret is easy to adjust – particularly at dusk or dawn. You can lock and adjust the parallax turret for typical parallax correction at 100m (109yds) simply by feel. Ballistic Turret - The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Ballistic Turret (BT) allows you to “stay on target” when shooting at different ranges. You can assemble the Ballistic Turret yourself in a few easy steps and adjust it accurately to your weapon. You can change the distances selected yourself at any time. There are other distance settings available in addition to the four distances marked. A locking mechanism at the base of the Ballistic Turret prevents it from being accidentally turned – this ensures that the Ballistic Turret only rotates under your control. Magnification: 2. 5 - 15x Objective Lens (mm): 24. 0 - 56 Exit Pupil (mm): 9. 5 - 3. 8 Exit Pupil Distance (mm): 95 / 3. 74 Field of View at m/100m & ft/100 yds: 16. 5 - 2. 7 / 49. 5 - 8. 1 Field of View (Degrees): 9. 4 - 1. 5 Subjective Field of View (Degrees): 23. 2 Dioptric Compensation (dpt): - 3 to +2 Transmission (%): 91 Twilight factor acc. to DIN 58388: 7. 1 - 29 Impact point cord. per click (mm/100 m & in/100 yds): 10 / 0. 36 Max. elevation/windage adjustment range (m/100m & in/100 yds): 1. 8/1 / 64. 8/36 Parallax Correction: 50 Objective filter thread: M 58x0. 75 Length approx. (mm/in): 367 / 14. 45 Weight approx. (g/oz): 675 / 23. 8 Central tube diameter (mm/in): 30 / 1. 18


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