Binoculars that are always with you, no matter what you’re doing during hunting season are practical. Binoculars that promise absolutely unrestricted viewing comfort are wonderful. But compact binoculars that also offer outstanding optical quality are simply brilliant. Just as brilliant as the new CL Pocket binoculars: 100% binoculars. Put the world in your pocket! Thanks to the CL Pocket’s foldable bridge design you can easily take them everywhere you go, ready to fulfil many requirements. They are always to hand since they are small enough to put them in your pocket. The CL Pocket binoculars are the right choice if you particularly appreciate compact size, a lightweight design, and value optical quality and precision of the highest order. 100% binoculars – with no compromise - When folded, the CL Pocket are compact binoculars, but, open them up, and you have 100% binoculars with no compromise. They offer unique optical performance: high - contrast, sharp and colour - true images provide unforgettable viewing experiences. The ergonomic and robust design with aluminium housing ensures optimum viewing comfort even for eyeglass wearers due to twist - in eyecups. CL Pocket binoculars are an ideal pair for the hunting lodge or for hunting companions. They can even be used for types of hunting where binoculars are not usually needed, such as driven or safari hunts. No matter if at leisure activities with your family outside the hunting season, or while hiking, walking or travelling - all you need to do is pick them up and enjoy the views they open to you. And they are a visionary gift choice for hunting enthusiasts. It’s your choice! - CL Pocket binoculars are available in three colours: black, green, or sand - brown. The lens diameter is 25mm and you can select your magnification: 8x or 10x. CL Pocket binoculars will be available from selected specialist retailers and on www. Swarovski optik. com from September 2013. The SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL family: always at your fingertips - Besides the CL Pocket binoculars the second member of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Family are the CL Companion binoculars. The CL family offers hunters a range of binoculars providing the perfect combination of optical quality and size, with no compromise. They are always to hand and tick all the boxes in terms of optical quality and mechanical performance.


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