The Night force 8 - 32x 56 NXS rifle scope is one of our leading products in the scopes and optics range provided by the Sportsman Gun Centre. Evolved from our tactical line, the 8 - 32 x 56 offers fast adjustments for precise, repeatable shot placement. 

The broad magnification range means there is now virtually no target outside the capable shooter’s reach, while it remains highly versatile and appropriate to a wide variety of applications. Zerostop - With the Zerostop adjustments, after sighting in your rifle, set the ZeroStop mechanism to any one of the elevation clicks on a nightforce scope. Then make all the elevation adjustments you wish. . . . . you can return the turret to absolute zero quickly and positively just by feel. There is no need for visual reference, charts or counting clicks. You can always find your Zero point even in total darkness. 

Constructed to meet the specific needs of many different types of shooters, these top-quality precision optics come with a wide range of options. Each mil-spec bonded lens is matched and hand-aligned for optimal performance, while all air-to-glass surfaces receive Nightforce’s proprietary multi-coating. All scopes feature a glass-etched, illuminated reticle providing a crystal-clear, distortion-free image with tremendous reliability in any lighting condition. 

NP-R2 reticle is a mil-style reticle with 2 MOA elevation and 5 MOA hash mark windage measurements. 

MLR reticle displays ½-mil hash marks on both windage and elevation bars. 

Mil-Dot reticle consists of see-through dots and posts in order to provide the clearest, obstruction free sight picture. Mil-Dot reticle is designed for field tactical and long-range field applications. Unlike many MIL-DOT reticles, this design features a hollow dot that will not obscure the target. This reticle is designed for fast range estimation and target acquisition in tactical situations. 

NP-R1 reticle is an improved version of the NP-R2, providing the user with 1 MOA measurements on the elevation bar and 2 MOA measurements on the windage bar. This improved reticle design allows the shooter to range easily and accurately. 

NP-R2 reticle is an especially good choice for long-range applications. 2 M.O.A. vertical increments allow accurate rangefinding and multiple zero and hold points to compensate for windage and bullet drop. 

MOAR reticle is Nightforce’s latest advancement in precision shooting. It features a floating center crosshair two MOA wide and two MOA tall, providing a precise aiming point, especially on smaller targets at longer ranges. The MOAR also has one-MOA elevation and windage spacings, which provide accurate rangefinding and hold-offs compared to ordinary reticles with coarser markings.

Focal Plane: Second
Magnification Range: 8-32x
Objective lens diameter: 56mm
Tube diameter: 30 mm/1.18 in
Internal adjustment range (MOA/Mil): e: 65 MOA, w: 45 MOA /e: 17.7 Mil, w: 12.3 Mil
Click value: .125/.250 MOA, .1 Mil-rad
Calibrated Ranging Power: 22x
Parallax adjustment: 50 yd–∞
Exit pupil diameter: 8x: 7.0mm, 32x: 1.8mm
Eye relief: 98mm/3.8in
Field of view @100 yards/100 meters: 8x: 12.1ft, 32x: 3.1ft / 8x: 3.7m, 32x: 1m
Objective outer diameter: 65mm
Eyepiece outer diameter: 43mm
Overall length (inches/mm): 15.9in / 404mm
Weight (ounces/grams): 34oz/964g
Mounting length (inches/mm): 6.7in / 170mm
Front/Rear Mounting Length: 2.95in / 2.09in
Reticles available: MOAR™, MOAR-T™, NP-2DD™, MIL-R™, MIL-DOT
Illumination: Standard