The Nightforce NXS 5. 5 - 22 x 56 is the ultimate long range riflescope. Its 56mm objective lens provides maximum clarity and resolution across the entire magnification range. The most advanced field tactical scopes ever produced, the wide magnification factor of our 5. 5 - 22 series allows precision accuracy at the longest ranges, yet at 5. 5 power remains highly effective for shots at close ranges. Nightforce was the first company committed to perfecting extreme magnification variable power scopes.

Our years of experience perfecting long - range optics is evident in every scope we build. Zerostop - With the Zerostop adjustments, after sighting in your rifle, set the ZeroStop mechanism to any one of the elevation clicks on a nightforce scope. Then make all the elevation adjustments you wish. . . . . you can return the turret to absolute zero quickly and positively just by feel. There is no need for visual reference, charts or counting clicks. You can always find your Zero point even in total darkness.

Magnification: 5. 5 - 22mm 
Objective: 56mm 
Exit Pupil: 10. 2mm at 5. 5x / 2. 5mm at 22x 
Field of View: 5. 3m at 5. 5x / 1. 4m at 22x 
Eye Relief: 3. 9in (99mm) 
Internal Adjustment Range: 100 MOA Elevation / 60 MOA Wind or 27. 3 Mil - Rad Elevation / 16. 4 Mil - Rad Windage 
Click Value: . 250 MOA or 1 Mil - Rad Tube 
Diameter: 30mm Ocular Diameter: 36mm 
Mounting Length: 6. 6 inches 
Weight: 32oz 
Overall Length: 15. 2 inches 
Illumination: Standard 
Applications: Military & Law Enforcement, Long Range Hunting, Field Tactical & Target Shooting.