Nightforce 5 - 25x56 F1 B. E. A. S. T A riflescope the likes of which have never been built before. Radical new technologies that solve old problems inherent to competitor’s products. Cut no corners on materials, on quality, on workmanship, on durability. 

“Best Example of Advanced Scope Technology. ” Because that’s what it is. First focal plane precision: While locating a reticle in a riflescope’s second focal plane is most common, a first focal plane location has distinct advantages to the accomplished shooter.

All reticle sub tensions, whether in MOA or Mil - Radian configuration, remain in the same visual proportion to the target across the scope’s entire magnification range. This makes a first focal plane reticle particularly effective for target holdovers, windage leads and range estimation. It eliminates a number of variables, resulting in greater speed and ultimately in greater accuracy in high - stress environments.

A Combination of Technology and Performance Never Before Put Into A Riflescope The U. S. military spoke. We listened. The playing field in warfare has changed. Our military snipers are engaging targets at ever - increasing ranges; extremely difficult targets demanding levels of positive identification, accuracy and optical performance that were impossible with existing technology. Recognizing this, the U. S. military threw out all the conventions associated with tactical day scopes, and requested a riflescope unlike any ever created.

Thus was born the B. E. A. S. T. ™

Focal Plane:First
Magnification: 5 - 25x 
Objective: 56mm 
Exit Pupil: 5x: 8. 3mm; 25x: 2. 3mm 
Field of View: 5x: 18. 7ft (5. 7m) 25x: 4. 92ft (1. 45m) 
Eye Relief: 3. 35" - 3. 54" (85 - 90mm) 
Internal Adjustment Range: 120MOA elev. 80MOA wind. / 34. 9Mil elev. 23. 27Mil wind. 
Click Value: . 25 and . 50MOA / . 1 and . 2Mil - Rad 
Tube Diameter: 34 mm (1. 34in) 
Ocular Diameter: 46 mm 
Mounting Length: 5. 92in/150mm 
Weight: 39oz/1097grams 
Overall Length: 15. 37in/390mm 
Illumination: Digillum™ 
Applications: Dangerous Game, Military & Law Enforcement, CQB & Tactical Competition