The Metso Active Jacket is made from a felted wool blend of 50% wool and 50% polyester. This makes the jacket hardwearing, while retaining the warmth and breathability of wool. The fabric has also been given a Bionic Finish®, which enhances wool’s natural water- and dirt-repellent properties. At exposed areas like the shoulders, underarms, wrists, brim of the hood and lower back, the jacket is reinforced with hardwearing micro-suede and a waterproof membrane. The hood has fine-mesh lining, which both insulates and lets air circulate. The jacket has two front pockets and radio pockets on both sides of the chest, for right- and left-handers. There is an inner pocket and a small mesh pocket inside, for a mobile phone or similar. The Metso Active Jacket also has adjustment straps on the cuffs, as well as adjustments at the lower hem and on the hood. The jacket has a two-way zip and the hood is detachable.


  • Detachable hood

  • Radio pocket on both sides

  • Waterproof micro suede reinforcements

  • Adjustable bottom and sleeve hem

  • 2-way zip


Main Fabric: 50% Wool/50% Polyester, Felted Wool, Bionic Finish
Lining: 100% Polyester, Fine Mesh

Harkila Metso Active Jacket