Johnson Field Sport Gun Services

There are many questions that you may have when buying a gun. Does it feel right? Does it nestle into your shoulder right? Is it heavy enough?

Here at Johnson Field Sports gun shop, we offer the opportunity to try out a selection of our second hand guns that we have for sale. Our gun shop also has demo guns to trial before you buy a new gun that we sell.

This is a unique experience and gives you the confidence to purchase the right gun for you. Our facilities have shooting ranges on site along with our skilled gun sales team. We ensure your safety with skilled supervision.


Our private instruction is taylor made to your shooting experience. Our team of gun specialists offer real bespoke instruction. Our shop can provide you with anything that you are short on with our specialist guidance on field sports.

Our experience has been developed over years and our team have been immersed in field sports for many years. The instruction we offer is unique in its delivery. We are down to earth and work with all levels from entry to experience.


Our team include field sports experienced staff that offer gun instruction. If you are new to the sport, Johnson Field Sports is the perfect place to start.

We offer instruction to many differing levels of gun experience and can bring you into the field sports area gently with confidence.

Johnson Field Sports have their own shooting range in an outdoor setting on site.

Speak to our team and we can get started.


As we are at the heart of the North Pennine shooting grounds, we can take you a little off piste. Our gun shop in the North Pennines is central to some of the best grousing fields in the world and we know all the best spots.

Allow some of our specialist instructors give you the experience of the North Pennines that people from across the world come to these parts for.

If you are short on any field sport supplies, there is nothing to worry about. We have a fully stocked store with all that you will need to have the best experience of the area.

Contact us today and we can begin creating the perfect experience for you.